My Rejected “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” Script

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ayaotd rejected script2Get scared much? I do. Especially when I’m watching AYAOTD. I’ve seen every episode a billion and a half times, and I still crap my pants everytime I watch it! It’s truly the greatest show on television.

But I wanted to take my love for AYAOTD further. So I called up everyone I know and asked them for advice. And the answer was unanimous. They said that I should write my very own script for AYAOTD!

I’d never written a script before (not true- I wrote a play once for my grandma as a Hanukah gift), but I still wanted to give it a try. And I tried my darndest- I really did! I brainstormed ideas, drew up an outline, came up with some drafts, quit, ate a box of Toaster Strudels, watched AYAOTD, crapped my pants, started all over again, and finally, after a whole mid-afternoon, had myself a polished script!

All that was left to do was mail it to Nickelodeon, so off it went. Three weeks later, I received a reply. They rejected it.

What I’m going to do next may shock you, but don’t freak out. What follows you’ll be able to read, in its entirety, my finished AYAOTD script. I figure if enough people read it and like it, they’ll all start calling and emailing Nickelodeon demanding this gets produced!

Alright, cool. Thanks in advance for this, guys- I totally appreciate it. So… without further ado…




Everything feels scary on this street, as a teenage boy named PAUL and a teenage girl named PENNY walk  down the sidewalk. I’ve used funky Halloween colors for the fun of it!

NARRATOR: Paul’s family had just moved to town eight years ago, so he was still trying to fit in. Penny was his only friend, and although she wasn’t as adventurous as him, she tried hard to not be a loser.

PENNY: Hey Paul, it’s getting late, and I think we’ve got enough candy. Let’s go home.

PAUL: No way. Don’t be a wus. There’s still one house left.

PAUL and PENNY see the Candyman’s house on top of a hill. All the lights are flickering and there’s weird ghost sounds too.

PAUL: Awesome… (more…)

Sam’s Top 5 Dead Bodies in Movies

We’re fascinated by and fear death. We never want this crazy ride to end! To escape is one of the many reasons why we watch movies and to see what someone else’s life is like for awhile, but what happens after the character on screen dies? Usually they are left behind in some room by the hero and they are forgotten, but what happens when the situation isn’t so tidy and convenient? What if you have to hide that body before going on with your life? Or worst yet, you have to pretend that the dead body in your arms is a living, breathing person? There have been several movies that feature actors portraying dead people getting into shenanigans with living people. This list celebrates those actors’ stiff performances. Sorry.

Goonies5. That Guy in the Freezer Full of Ice Cream in THE GOONIES (1985) - We all remember that scene. Chunk (Jeff Cohen) has had it with his adventuring buddies. He wants out of the Fratellis’ abandoned restaurant hideout, but just as he’s about to exit he smells… ice cream! He finds a walk-in freezer and proceeds to inventory all the flavors before realizing he’s sharing the tiny, cold room with a body with a bullet hole in its head! Gulp!

Sin City4. Benicio Del Toro as Jackie Boy in SIN CITY (2005) - After Miho (Devon Aoki) chops Jackie Boy’s gun hand off with her Samurai sword, he pries his weapon from its dead fingers and takes aim at Miho and fires. Unfortunately, she jammed the barrel, causing the slide to explode and impale itself into Jackie Boy’s forehead! Ouch! The subsequent scene where Dwight (Clive Owen) is driving Jackie’s body to the tar pits and imagining it to still be alive and wheezing is a classic.

Killer Klowns3. John Vernon as Curtis Mooney in KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (1988) - What do you do when you’re the only cop left to watch the station amidst a killer klown outbreak? Well, if you’re Curtis Mooney you leave the phone off the hook, pour some booze into a Styrofoam cup and let the trouble come to you. After being strangled by a blowout noisemaker, Mooney’s body is transformed into a macabre ventriloquist dummy. Shudder! (more…)

Your Boyfriend Is A Zombie

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The trailer from the 1968 experimental horror movie, “Your Boyfriend Is A Zombie”.

Sam’s Top 5 Favorite Sports Movies

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HansonBrothersI’m no sports fan and movies about sports tend to be only one notch above “chick flicks” in my book. However, when a movie is good, it doesn’t matter what the subject of the movie is. A “chick flick” can be great (see WHEN HARRY MET SALLY… (1989))  and so can sports movies! So here are my favorites:

5.  POINT BREAK (1991) - Why settle for a movie that features one sport when you can have one that features three?!! Surfing, skydiving AND bank robbing! You can’t beat a movie that features a stiff talking Keanu Reeves, a crazy as usual Gary Busey and the late great, cool as always Patrick Swayze! Directed by Kathryn Bigelow whose other badass movies include NEAR DARK (1987) and THE HURT LOCKER (2009).

4. MURDERBALL (2005) – This awesome sports doc features wheelchair rugby or what it’s affectionately called by its players and fans, murderball. Wheelchair rugby is played by quadriplegics who have a thirst for violence, destruction and mayhem. The heated competition between the U.S. and Canadian teams as they head into the 2004 Paralympic Games is on display in this Oscar nominated documentary. Directed by Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro.

3. THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998) – There’s not much I can say about this film that hasn’t been said already, except that the Coen Brothers’ musical ode to bowling dream sequence alone warrants this movie being on this list and if you don’t get why this should be here, you’re obviously not a golfer. (more…)

Reflections In The Pond: An Interview With Goldberg

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Goldberg janitor 3Recently, I made a trip to Han’s Skate Shoppe, the spiritual home base for the 1992 Pee Wee Champion Mighty Ducks.  Located in the heart of District 5, it was here that I caught up with Greg Goldberg, the team’s legendary goalie.  Goldberg may not be standing guard at the hockey net anymore, but he’s standing guard at the shop’s broom closet as the store’s assistant head janitor.  Goldberg, now 32 years old, sat down to give me some revealing insight into what REALLY happened to the Ducks when the cameras weren’t rolling.

WILLIE SIMPSON: First question, whats that smell?

GREG GOLDBERG: Ha ha. Very funny. Wasn’t me, alright.

WS: So Goldberg, how did you end up working at Han’s Skate Shoppe?

GG: Well, let me think back.  The Ducks had just beaten Varsity, and Hans died, and Bombay took over the shop, and I flunked outta prep school, and the whole time I was really hungry, so… long story short- I turned my hockey stick into a mop, and 17 years later, the rest is history.

WS: A long way from your heroic hockey days, huh?

GG: Hey!  Knock it off!  I’m doing just fine, alright.  Like, when I clog the toilet, I plunge it before I flush. In a way, its another save for Goldberg.

WS: Sounds like your doing great, what about the other Ducks?

GG: Eh, good and bad, from what I hear, Charlie’s doing pretty well.  He grew a mustache… got a tabby cat… And- oh yeah- he’s in a mental institution. Apparently he went crazy because he never made it to the NHL. Yeah… its messed up. I called him up once, and he thinks he plays first line for the Minnesota North Stars.  I was like, “Oh really?  I never see you play.”  And he said that’s because he plays on the Moon. (more…)

Welcome To The Internet

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Welcome To The InternetBetter hope no one calls you today. If they do, you won’t know.


Because your telephone isn’t connected to the phone jack. Your high speed (14K) modem is. Hope you like riding on lightning.

As your CD-ROM tray ejects, you place in it one of many free AOL discs that came in the mail. Why did they send so many? I fling the extras like frisbees at your cat, Doughnut.

Within minutes, your modem begins to dial. Eeeeeerr errrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. BUR BUR. Cracklecracklecrackle. NOISE!

“It’s working…!?” you stupidly exclaim.

“Duh,” I reply. Inside, I wonder why we’re even friends.

The pixels inside your 13″ Packard Bell monitor dance with excitement. One by one, they form the bits of colors that make the shapes, that form the words. If a pixel could talk, it would say, “I searched the entire world looking for magic, and then, I realized, the magic is inside of us all.”

Listen to it. The data streams through the cables. A new Niagara. A modern Mississippi. A glorious connection!

“But what if someone calls?!” you whine.

“Shut up!” I tell you. “I already said we won’t know!”

And then, you blink. You blink a slow blink. And it’s so slow, and it’s so blinky, that by time you’re done blinking… it’s there.  For the very first time, you are blinking- I mean looking- at the homepage to America Online.

Oh yeah, it took 45 minutes to do this.

Welcome to the Internet.

Your cat’s name is Doughnut.