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gb2 red eyesTis the season my fellow internet clubbers, the season for horrifying FEAR!  What better way to kick it off then with the scariest movie ever made…. GHOSTBUSTERS 2!  I know, I know, you think I’m crazy right?  How could Ghostbusters 2 be the scariest movie of all time?  Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, is he on crazy pills, because the original Ghostbusters is the scariest movie ever.  Well, its YOU who is crazy!  But only half crazy.  Like you, I was sure the first Ghostbusters was the world champion of terrifying thrills, that is, until I saw Ghostbusters 2 and peed my pants with fright.  Let me break it down with you by going over the scariest elements of Ghostbusters 2.  Try not to scream while you read.

Slimer and TullyFirst off, the ghosts, namely Slimer, or as I call him Slimer 2.0.  In the first movie, Slimer was so scary that I had to change all the locks in my house.  Boy, was the locksmith busy that day I tell you.  But in Ghostbusters 2, Slimer is just so much more scarier.  First of all, he smells really bad.  Luis Tully ran out of the Ghostbusters house with papers flying everywhere.  Second he got hired by the MTA to drive a bus.  What’s scary about that you ask?  Duhh, he doesn’t have a license!  Can you imagine Slimer at the DMV trying to get his bus drivers license?  That’s just ludicrous.  Luis Tully was lucky he didn’t get hurt.  Also, remember when the Titanic arrived at Pier 54?  That was like over a 1000 ghosts!  It would take an army of Ghostbusters to catch em all!

Still not scared?  Oh you will be.  Lets talk about the main villains.  Gozer was really scary with her blood red eyes and demonic voice, but she was a lightweight compared to Vigo, the ancient magician.  Gozer, the Unorganized Destructor!Why?  Well, if you think about it, Gozer wasn’t a good planner.  Sure she nearly stomped NY to dust with her large Marsh-mellow man, but it was all on the seat of her pants.  I mean come on, she basically asked the Ghostbusters to do all the work for her.  She was an unorganized ghost.  Vigo on the other hand had been planning his evil deeds since the day he died!  Just before his head died he said, “Time is but a door, death is but a window, in 500 years I’ll create a river of slime in the tunnels of New York and possess a wimpy art director named Yannosh to kidnap a baby for me, and I’ll be back!”  Talk about a master plan!

But the scariest, most bone-tingling aspect of Ghostbusters 2 is…. Oscar the baby.  Don’t think a cute little baby can be scary?  Think again, because this baby takes you on a rollercoaster ride of chills, thrills, and spills.  Did you see the anguish and terror in that baby’s face when it almost got eaten by the slime bathtub?  How about the soft ticklish innocence on display when the Ghostbusters were checking his stool sample?  Its called RANGE Academy voters, RANGE!  But back to the scary, did you know those babies actually climbed out onto that ledge for real!  They didn’t even have wires!  How’d they do it?  I don’t know, they’re pros.  Vigo and Oscar, Fearless actorsYou know when there’s a chance an actor might actually get hurt doing a stunt, that it just adds to the overall intensity to the scene.  And lastly, when Vigo dropped the baby, that was NOT staged.  Vigo really dropped him, and thank God Venkman was there to catch him.  But don’t blame the actor who played Vigo, the baby told him to go crazy and just improvise.  Its the fearlessness of the actors that made this movie so damned fearful!  They bring you right to the edge and nearly dump you over, but save you just in time to put the Statue of Liberty right back on Liberty Island.  Ghostbusters 2, truly, the scariest movie of all time!

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