They Came, They Didn’t Conquer: What America Remembers About Oasis

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gallery_pic2620“What the hell did they say?”

If you grew up in America in the 90s, that was probably your response to seeing the Oasis brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher, on TV. Whether it was giving a drunken interview or belligerently reacting to reporters, it was cockney incoherence at its finest. At least you got a little help from the bleeped out parts- you knew they were either saying ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’.

Do you remember when they were on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1996? I do. I cut it out and hung it in my locker (jealous?). The cover said: “They’re hard drinking, groupie shagging, drug snorting louts. They’re the Gallagher Brothers. And they’re HUGE.”

Ok, Rolling Stone. Here’s the thing. They weren’t fucking huge.

Not in America they weren’t. It was still all about grunge here. This country’s teenagers were more infatuated with Marilyn Manson and Rage Against The Machine then they ever were with some annoying panzees from England who sang sappy, 60s inspired ballads. Sure, Oasis found some success in America, with singles from their second album reaching very high on the Billboard charts. But the overall idea of the band, rooted in a very distinctly British theme, was no more than a passing moment of popularity in America.

But anyway, it’s not like Oasis didn’t have a chance. They did. But when America was paying the most attention, they failed. Here are three moments you may remember.

1) MTV Unplugged

In 1996, Oasis was slotted to play the popular MTV set, but Liam derailed things when he sat out the performance, preferring to smoke, drink, and heckle his brother from the balcony instead. Bloody idiot!

2) Video Music Awards Performance

A performance at the 1996 VMA’s should was the golden opportunity to cement the band’s popularity on the heels of their second album’s success. But once again, Liam’s intransigence shot them in the foot. Look at what a drunken asshole he is during this performance.

3) Release of “D’ya Know What I Mean?”

There was an insane amount of hype leading up to Oasis’s third album, and almost deservedly so. But when the video for their new single came out in ’97 (I remember watching the world premiere on Matt Pinfield’s (dork) Buzz Bin show, midnight on a Sunday that July), we all knew it was the beginning of the end. Talk about bombastic- the helicopters, the douchey new outfits, the lyric “I met my maker/I made him cry”. And it’s all seven and a half minutes long!

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