Batman Returns Review

The Bat. The Cat. The Penguin. There were high hopes for Tim Burton’s wonderfully strange followup to the classic 1989 Batman film. But is the visual appeal of this film strong enough to support a shaky story and misdrawn characterizations?? Don’t decide for yourself- let Superhero Club Review tell you what to think!

No Life Losers = …Real Life Batmen?!

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You know, it’s remarkable that no one in the real world has ever taken it upon themselves to become Batman. ¬†After all, there’s nothing really magical about the guy. Batman is just an average Joe, fed up with all the guff of the world. We’re right you know.

Just think about it. Aren’t you fed up with your retarded job at Game Stop? Batman would be. Do you still live in a dark, dank, underground cave also known as your parent’s basement? Batman lives in a cave. Are there no sexy Catwomen in your life to tickle your balls of yarn? BATMAN DOESN’T NEED WOMEN.

Put the pieces together, and the picture slowly comes into focus. That’s right.

You are Batman!!!


So guess what!

It’s time to take out that costume, Caped Crusader, because the real world needs a hero, and you’re sad enough to play the fool!