The Sega Master System is the Future!

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I wonder if its just me, but video game commercials from the 1980s still sell me the future better then any modern video game advertisement.  Take a look at these ads for the classic Sega Master System.  There was something so amazingly other-worldly and awe inspiring about these things.  I love the glowing graph paper style motif going on in the whole thing.

My parents never bought me any video game systems, but when I was six or seven years old, my family had these friends we’d visit on Long Island somewhere, and they had a Sega Master System with all the accessories, and like 100 games.  I had never seen anything like it.  Whenever we went over, it was like stepping into one of these commercials, especially because I only had access to that stuff for an hour or two.

I love this last ad, here we learn about the Master System’s amazing features like scrolling backgrounds, 64 colors (not bits), and digital sounds!  And what’s that?  Holy shit, 3d video games???  This ad is so awesome that I want all this stuff right now…in 2010!!!

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