“Saved By The Bell” Dance Party

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saved by the bell houseMy dreams will come true on Saturday, July 24th when the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn hosts a Saved By The Bell themed dance party called ”Saved By The Bell House.”

The event info says:

“We’ll have The school gymnasium decorated in school colors (Go Tigers!), yummy themed drink specials all night, 80s/90s DJs in the back along with two performances by the awesome 90s cover band The Bayside Tigers, a non-stop 80s/90s dance party in the front lounge featuring DJ Jonathan James, plus Robicelli’s will be on hand selling delicious SBTB-themed cupcakes, and SO much more.”

Ok, so obviously this sounds amazing. But I want to see people get extra creative with this. I’m talking about a FULL array of costumes, people! Let’s see a Mr. Carosi costume or a Jeff costume (the guy who breaks up Kelly and Zack) in there. And some of you Screech’s might want to go as a Max, just to balance it out.

Oh, and I’m going as Zack, so no one better copy me.

Insane Clown Posse Is Completely Retarded

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It’s difficult to fathom a song and music video more spectacularly retarded than this, but the Insane Clown Posse’s “Miracles” is just that. ICP’s brand of hardcore rap is so unforgivably bad to begin with, but it’s as if this song marks their sentimental moment, where the duo has realized, after years of dark and frightening imagery, the hidden beauty of the world. It’s essentially ICP’s “sell-out song”, which, being the Insane Clown Posse, is HILARIOUS.

Wonder what they’ll do next? Well, you’ll find out this August when an ICP movie called Big Money Rustlas (oh yes) comes to a theater near you.

iPod Ad From 1977?

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What would you do if you could go back in time? Would you scare everyone with dark premonitions of the future, like an all-powerful space shaman? Or would you do something financially profitable, like selling iPods and cellphones to a culture where they didn’t exist yet, effectively making trillions of euro-dollars?

Well, you’re free to try out option A, but option B would be the cooler of the two. Especially since a Bay-area designer recently made 70s advertisements that retrofit modern technology with the past.



The Karate Kid’s Greatest Moments

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With the release of the new Karate Kid movie, which I will never support in any way ever, it got me thinking about the ORIGINAL Karate Kid’s greatest moments.  So for Karate Kid I, Karate Kid II, and Karate Kid III, I picked out my favorite scene from each movie to share with you.

From Karate Kid I, I went with the climatic final battle between Danny and Johnny.  First of all, its got the legendary line by one of those Cobra-Kai douches, “GET HIM A BODY BAG, HAHAHAH!”  Second, it features Daniel’s amazing Crane kick.  There is probably no kid in America who didn’t at least try that kick once after having seen this movie for the first time.  Legendary!



90s Sports Toys

90s sports toysNeon colors. Cute cartoon animals. Velcro. The 90s were a great decade because they made just about everything better.

I’m not the CEO of a toy company (at least not yet), but if I had to take a wild guess, I would think they are constantly wondering about one thing- how to make more money.

Sports toys- footballs, baseballs and bikes. These are products that have been around since the 50s. Simple games. Kid throws ball. Kid catches ball. Everyone’s happy, right?

WRONG! Not in America! Not in the 90s!

Here’s a list of my favorite, most radical sports toys from the decade I grew up in.


Remember the days of ugly basketball hoops mounted above the stupid garage door or on poles cemented into the retarded ground? Yeah, me neither- MY basketball hoop was PORTABLE. Today, portable basketball hoops are everywhere, but before the 90s, you could only play 1 on 1 in driveways and parks. Now white kids everywhere are rollin’ that hoop out to the street, and lowering the rim for some sweet dunk action.


Wow, I can’t believe there was a time when kids didn’t have mountain bikes. I mean- there’s a lot of rough terrain out there on the wild, paved roads of suburbia. This toy was a neccessity for me when I had to get from my house to 7-11 and I didn’t want a ride from Dad because that’s lame. One time I took my mountain bike on a dirt path, and it went faster because it was neon green.


Mini golf was nice, but what could be greater than playing golf with a gator?? When I saw this commercial for the first time, I immediately begged my parents to take me to Toys R Us. I wish I could’ve met that big Gator and played on the life size Gator Golf course in the commerical. (more…)

Doug Review

Porkchop, Skeeter, Patti, Quailman, The Honkerburger, The Beets… If you grew up in the early 90s, you couldn’t get enough of Doug. Join The Nickelodeon Kid as he goes back and reviews this wonderful and original Nicktoon!

Rad Times!

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Take everything rad from the 90s- Charles Barkley, skateboarding, and Screech- drip some acid on your computer (and tongue), and you get this.


Super Soaker: The Ultimate Collection

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supersoakers2004gIf you grew up in the 90s (and didn’t stay inside all summer long), you probably had a Super Soaker. If you were like every other kid, it was the Super Soaker 50. If you were lucky, your parents got you the Super Soaker 100. Or, if you’re this kid, it was every single Super Soaker gun ever made. EVER.

The above picture is both extremly dorky and pretty cool at the same time. I’d love to see this collection in person- that’s 275 Super Soakers laid out there! Can you imagine the massive watergun war you could have with that many guns? There’s enough weaponry there to stage a real Waterloo.

Personally, I always thought the one with the backpack tank and hose (sort of like the Ghostbusters slime gun) was the coolest Super Soaker of all. (more…)

Super Nintendo Emulator for the iPad

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Are you ready for something fantastic? All right- well apparantly, there’s a way to play Super Nintendo on the iPad while using an iPhone as the controller! Thanks to a new emulator called SNES (HD), you can configure your iPhone to fucntion as the SNES controller, while the iPad displays the game. Of course, it requires you to jailbreak both devices, but it’s worth it when you consider how $1,000 in Apple products allows you to play a 20 year old game console that you could just buy on eBay for $65…

Not that this doesn’t look totally rad or anything…

World’s Greatest Laptop!

Check out this righteous piece of hardware!  I think its a Commodore 64 Million.  The I-Pad’s got nothing on this sucker.

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