The Karate Kid’s Greatest Moments

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With the release of the new Karate Kid movie, which I will never support in any way ever, it got me thinking about the ORIGINAL Karate Kid’s greatest moments.  So for Karate Kid I, Karate Kid II, and Karate Kid III, I picked out my favorite scene from each movie to share with you.

From Karate Kid I, I went with the climatic final battle between Danny and Johnny.  First of all, its got the legendary line by one of those Cobra-Kai douches, “GET HIM A BODY BAG, HAHAHAH!”  Second, it features Daniel’s amazing Crane kick.  There is probably no kid in America who didn’t at least try that kick once after having seen this movie for the first time.  Legendary!


From Karate Kid II, I went with the opening scene where Mr. Miyagi kicks evil sensei John Kreese’s ass.  John Kreese was choking Johnny Lawrence to death in the parking lot, and Miyagi was the only adult who cared enough to stop him.  After humilating Kreese by dodging his dumb punches, thus making his fists bleed in the process, Miyagi scares the living shit out of him by raising his karate chop of fury…but does Miyagi chop Kreese’s head off?  Watch and see!


And lastly, from Karate Kid III, we have Miyagi once again absolutely destroying not only Kreese, but his apprentice, AND his Karate expert buddy, Terry Silver, who happens to be the king of all douches.  Its a great scene because it just shows how invincible Miyagi is.  Very satisfying.


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