90s Horace Grant Mix

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Though never a bandwagon Bulls fan like everyone else in the 90s, there was a definite aura that surrounded the best team in basketball. Everyone wanted to ”Be Like Mike”, but I said they should “toggle the goggles”- Horace Grant’s goggles.

Check out some classic plays by “Goggles” below. 


LEGO M.C. Escher

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Legos are one of the world’s most timeless toys, enjoyed by everyone everywhere, probably forever. You can build anything with Legos if you have enough time (no life), even sculptures of M.C. Escher drawings. (Click the titles for the original drawings)







“Hot Tub Time Machine” Meets Apples in Stereo

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“Hot Tub Time Machine” was one of my favorite movies of 2010, and the Apples in Stereo’s “Dream About the Future” was one of my favorite songs of 2010, so I thought I’d combine the two for one epic movie music mash-up. Enjoy!


TGIF Reviews: Full House

full_house_bridgeIt was the bedrock of all things TGIF. The anchor. The laugh-maker.

From 1989-1991, “Full House” WAS Friday nights. Seriously. Was there a half hour more important to you as a kid than the  half hour spent watching a new episode of “Full House” on TGIF?

Although it was considerably corny (and you knew it, too), the irresistible appeal of Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, little Michelle, the unforgettable theme song, the iconic street of Victorian houses, and the beautiful San Francisco setting was just too great to ignore.


Danny Tanner- The cleaning obsessed (OCD?) father of the house. His wife was killed by a drunk driver, leaving him with a perfect premise for a sitcom.

Uncle Jesse- The brother-in-law sex god. He brings his high maintenance hair to the Tanner house where he learns the joys of babysitting little girls while trying to have band rehearsals.

Uncle Joey- Danny’s childhood friend and a comedian, Joey is known for his endlessly abrasive cartoon impressions. He also has a ventriliquist dummy named Mr. Woodchuck.

D.J. Tanner- The oldest daughter of three, D.J. is a typical adolescent. She experiences various problems with dating, driver’s ed, and being Kirk Cameron’s real life sister.

Stephanie Tanner- The middle sister of the three, Stephanie suffers from “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Syndrome”, always having to share a room with one sister or another.

Michelle Tanner- The youngest of the Tanner girls, Michelle was the criminally adorable, de facto star of the show. (And the Olsen twins never, ever looked back…)

Becky Donaldson- Danny’s co-host and Jesse’s eventual wife, she was known for her obscure mid-western remarks. Why again does she agree to live in the attic with Jesse??

Kimmy Gibler- The stereotypical, wacky neighbor next door, she was universally disliked by the Tanners, except for D.J., who was her best friend.

Steve- In later seasons, D.J.’s food-machine, jock boyfriend. Did you know that Steve was the voice of Aladdin?

Nicky and Alex- Jesse and Becky’s long-haired twin sons, they were brought on the show to up the cuteness level to a 20. Did they succeed? You be the judge.

Comet- A talking dog. (What, you didn’t see that episode?)


90s Alternative Rock


There was no decade quite like the 90s. Politically, economically, whatever. But nowhere was this more evident than in the music that was made during those years. In all genres, new styles rapidly emerged and evolved. Of it all, there was one genre that meant more to me than any of the others. I’m talking, of course, about rock music.

Growing up in New Jersey as a white, middle-class male, I easily identified with the ethos of rock. The rebellion, the angst, the idealism- born out of the 50s, these sentiments were still alive in the 90s, finding its form in newer and noisier ways. The stylings of 90s rock were wide ranged- grunge, britpop, pop punk, indie, rap rock- some were good, some were bad, some were forgotten to adulthood. Yet even though our tastes evolve after adolescence, the appeal of nostalgia can just be too hard to igore.

I’m calling this series “Rock By The 90s”. Each week, I plan to post a new article on a different subgenre of 90s rock, and the specific bands and songs that characterized each movement. By the end, I hope to have extensively recounted all things 90s rock.

But first, to tell the FULL story of 90s rock, we need to go back a little bit further in time. I’m talking ALL the way back…to…

The late 80s.



As the 80s came to a close, MTV had already begun to suck. No, not as badly as today- for one thing, they still played videos- but videos primarily of hair bands. Yup, in the late 80s, hair metal was the king of rock. And with it, an all-pervading, image conscious commercialism had become the status quo. Bands such as Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Motley Crue and Poison murdered our ears with sonic monstrosities, and burned our eyeballs with their high maintenance hair and flamboyant outfits.

But as the decade of the 90s began, glam metal started to be seen as excessive, both in its power ballads and its volumized hair, and the genre began to fall in to decline. Maybe the biggest indictment of this music was a scene from the documentary, ”The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years”, involving the guitarist from the band W.A.S.P., as he excessively abuses alcohol. (more…)

Horrible Alternate Ending to “Titanic”

titanic2Check this video out, it’s an actual filmed alternate ending to the 1997 epic James Cameron smash hit, “Titanic”!  The clip is a bit long, so I recommend skipping to about 3 minutes in to see how the movie could have ended.  Needless to say it is horrible.  In the original unaltered ending, we just see Rose throw her billion dollar diamond over the boat without anyone knowing.  In this version, the entire crew of the Titanic Recovery boat she’s on confronts her before she does it.  Rose gives one last speech about embracing life, but unlike before when her words were inspiring, here they just sound cackling and crazy.  Then she lets Bill Paxton touch the diamond for another crazy reason, and proceeds to drive the fat guy with the beard insane by throwing it over.  It is interesting to note that the fat guy shouts something like, “hey what’ll my wife think about this??”  And its like wow, you’re married?  Then it all ends with Bill Paxton trying to hook up with Rose’s granddaughter.  I guess he was inspired by Rose story where the message was sex trumps money…Anyway, the point is, if Cameron ended the movie with this cacophonous resolution, the movie would have ending up being a million times worse.  I mean, there is no way that this ending was intended as a joke, but it is so comically bad.  Give it a whirl folks and let me know what you think.

German Girl Group Sings Internet Song

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Bill Gates: His Dorky Life in Pictures

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windows 95 bill gates

windows 95 5

bill gates windows 95

windows 95 8

windows 95 9

Steinbrenner on “Seinfeld”: Funniest Moments

Today, July 13th 2010, is a sad day.  It marks the death of one of baseball’s great original characters, George M. Steinbrenner III, owner of the New York Yankees.  Now we here at internetclub91, while huge baseball fans, are official Yankee haters.  So while we cried in our respective childhoods as Yankee dominance crushed our little Met dreams time and time again, we took great solace in Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s wicked cartoon-esque parody of Steinbrenner on the legendary Seinfeld.  So in honor of the man on his day of passing, we present these clips to all Yankee fans and haters alike.  Enjoy.


This is Steinbrenner (voiced by Larry David) at his annoying best, singing Heartbreaker while George is trapped under his desk in his makeshift bed…Hilarious!


This one is George Steinbrenner blissfully recollecting all the people he’s fired in his tenure as Yankee boss.  The magical part was how Steinbrenner slips up and names then current Yankee manager Showalter who actually would be soon fired after this episode aired and replaced with Joe Torre.


This one’s from the Seinfeld series finale.  Steinbrenner is called to the stand to recollect his years when George worked for him..Needless to say it doesn’t go so well for poor George who is accused of being a communist!


The last clip is a compilation of many of the great Steinbrenner moments from the show.  Here we see how George managed to get improbably hired by Steinbrenner, how Steinbrenner plans to use George as a pipeline into Communist Cuba, and “Big Stein’s” growing obsession with calzones.  CLASSIC stuff.

8-Bit “Pulp Fiction” Song

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“Misirlou”, the iconic surf song by Dick Dale & The Del Tones (more commonly known as the song from “Pulp Fiction”), was remade as an 8-bit Nintendo song. Check it out- it’s tubular.

I wish there was a filter on the radio that turned everything 8-bit!

In case you want to hear the original, Dick Dale & The Del Tones performed ”Misirlou” in the 1963 move, “A Swingin’ Affair.” Check it out- it’s tubular.

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