“Kick-Ass” X-Men: First Class, Reboot!


Whoo!  I’m getting excited about 20th Century Fox’s reboot of the X-Men series.  The X-Men are my favorite comic book franchise, and I was very upset when the whole shebang went downhill with the emergence of X-Men 3, and continued its horrible ways with “Wolverine: Origins”, which turned out to be less of a Wolverine movie, and more of a terrible prequel to the whole X-Men trilogy.  

Anyway, after FOX ruined the series by killing off Cyclops and Professor X, and never settling on a hair style for Storm, they have wisely decided to reboot the series with director Matthew Vaughn in a film entitled, “X-Men: First Class.”  

English director Vaughn got his start helping out Guy Ritchie, who did a few indies himself, but is now known for having helmed the decidedly uneven “Kick-Ass” flick.  However, for this kind of movie, I think he will be a fine choice.  He is no where near as offensive as the likes of McG or Brett Ratner.

The film itself will start at the beginning of the X-Men saga where psychic Professor X, to be played by the excellent James McAvoy (Last King of Scotland), recruits a bunch of teenage mutants to teach them how to use their powers to save man-kind from the likes of Magneto played by the also excellent Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds).

Thankfully, from the cast list, we are gonna have a fairly original cast of mutants which will include Beast (Nicolas Hoult/About a Boy), Emma Frost (Alice Eve/She’s Out of My League), Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones/No Country For Old Men), and Havok (Lucas Till/Walk the Line).  Other X-Men like Jean Grey, Iceman, and Cyclops haven’t been cast yet, but its strongly rumored that “Kick-Ass” himself, Aaron Johnson, will play Cyclops, but that is unconfirmed.  

And lastly, rumors are flying that Kevin Bacon is in negotiations to play an unrevealed X-Men villain!  That’s just awesome.  I know Kevin lost a lot of his fortune with Bernie Madoff, and probably needs roles like this to stabilize his finances, and I hope he gets it, because he is legendary.  

Anyway, I am very pleased with the way the cast and crew has shaped up thus far, and look forward to X-Men: First Class in 2011.  As news continues to break on this flick, I’ll be right here bringing you all the juicy bits.  Oh, and look out for my epic upcoming video series covering the entire X-Men saga, starting with the incredible X-Men Animated Series from the 90s.  The X-Mania on Internetclub ’91 is about to explode.

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