1991 Compuserve Internet Commercial

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If only airplanes could fly out of my computer screen again…ah, the good old days…

Wendy’s Training Videos

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Wendy’s rules.  When it comes to fast food, I always opt for Wendy’s if I can.  The square hamburgers, the fresh buns, the crispy nuggets, the hot chili on a cold winter day…nothing beats Wendy’s.  The real question is, how?   How is Wendy’s so good and fresh tasting when all other fast food places taste artificial and bland?  I always thought it was Wendy herself, tirelessly experimenting with flavors and secret grilling methods…it turns out the REAL answer is Wendy’s excellent training videos that transforms regular employees into rock stars!  Little known fact, Wendy’s co founder Dave Thomas wrote and produced all of these songs, and that’s no lie Jack!

VIDEO # 1, Hot Drinks, where we learn the serious difference between brewing regular and de-caf coffee…

VIDEO #2- Cold Drinks, a groundbreaking rap song exploring the difficulties of controlling foam in the auto soft drink machines.

VIDEO # 3- Got to Serve the Drinks, ok, people, you’re just not getting it!  I thought the first two videos taught you everything about serving drinks, but I was wrong, and for the LOVE OF GOD, DON’T FORGET THE CHILI BOWLS!

VIDEO # 4, Chili can be served with cheese, frostys come in four sizes, don’t serve expired milk, and cookies should never be broken!

Beverly Hills 90210 Monster Mash

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Our friend, the brilliant filmmaker/actor/editor extraordinaire George Gross, created this absurdly twisted Beverly Hills 90210 Monster Mashup. It’s a video that’s hard to describe, but MUST be seen to be believed.  Enjoy.  Oh, and for more George Gross brilliance, check out his Vimeo Video HERE.

Anamanaguchi Chiptune Music

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Chiptune rockstars, Anamanaguchi, have been getting a lot of attention lately. After all, they did just score the soundtrack to the new Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 8-bit video game, which will be available tomorrow on iTunes. But since we haven’t talked much about them here at Internetclub ’91, it would be a good time to put up a few of their things.

SNES, Pepsi, and Bo Jackson

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I can’t think of 3 things form the 90s more iconic than the dazzling, 16-bit glory of the SNES, the exciting, alternative taste of Pepsi, and the bone crushing power of ultra athlete, Bo Jackson. The question is, what would happen if you put all three together? Would aliens come down to Earth?  Would the city of Atlantis rise from the watery depths?  Would Cindy Crawford’s mole fall off?  Scientists have speculated for years, but don’t you know it, a meeting DID occur between these three titans of 90s iconography, and it went a little bit like this…

Laser Background School Photos

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If you ever need a reminder of what makes 90s kids the coolest kids of all time, remember this: laser background school photos.

With that blue and pink web of light in the background, these were more than just school photos- these were cool photos. And in 1991, you needed them.

Laser Background School Photo

Laser Background School Photo

Laser Background School PhotoLaser Background School Photo

laser6Laser Background School Photo

laser5Laser Background School PhotoFor more laser background excellence, check out We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!, a daily blog where you can submit your laser background school photos!

Burger King Kids Club 2010

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Adam_Riches-Burger_King_Kids_ClubDo you remember Kid Vid, Snaps, and the rest of the Burger King Kid’s Club from the 90s? The politcally correct gang included at least one member of every segment of American society- white, black, Hispanic, disabled, boy, girl, nerd- it was Burger King’s attempt at making you feel a little less worse that you weren’t getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

In the time being, the BK Kid’s Club was killed off, in favor of The King. Check out this hilarious artwork, incorporating the two styles.

“The Wizard” Power Glove Scene

Do you love the power glove as much as Lucas from The Wizard does? You wish you did, dork! Just watch how it’s done.

90s Grunge Music

Grunge-title-cardAt the dawn of the 90s, mainstream rock music was dominated by one, very 80s style

Glam metal.

Aerosmith, Poison, Bon Jovi… The hair was hideous and the songs were sucktastic.

Fortunately, those days would soon play their big power ballad in the sky.

Outside the mainstream, and unbeknownst to the music industry, the Alternative movement was gaining steam. Bands like The Pixies and Sonic Youth combined elements of pop, punk, and metal to create an experimental new sound.

Then, in 1991, this new sound would crystallize around one band (and later, the bands of one city), knocking down the walls of the music industry and ushering in the era of grunge rock.


In a dark, mood-lit gym, apathetic cheerleaders led the student body in an alternatingly quiet then loud rock number.

Load up on guns / And bring your friends / It’s fun to lose / And to pretend

The teenage crowd erupts, sending the gym into chaos, as the janitor merrily dances along with his mop.

It was an anthem for Generation X; Nirvana’s breakthrough single, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Thanks to heavy rotation on MTV, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” became wildly popular, and by January 1992, Nirvana’s debut album, Nevermind, took the #1 spot on the Billboard albums chart. (more…)

Scott Pilgrim 8-Bit Video Game

Scott Pilgrim fans and retro gaming fans unite!

To coincide with the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World this Friday, game developer Ubisoft has released a retro styled brawler featuring the Scott Pilgrim character on a mission to defeat his girlfriend’s 7 evil boyfriends.

What’s not to like here? The 8-bit pixel art looks beautiful, the music (by Anamanaguchi) sounds bit-tastic, and it’s available for download on Playstation 3 (soon to be released on X-Box) at the low price of $10.

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