The Princess Bride Review

Swords, Six Fingered Men, True Love, Columbo, and Kevin Arnold. These are just but a few of the many treasures buried in the land of the Princess Bride. For your nostalgic pleasure, culture critic, (and part time master sword-smith), Willie Simpson reviews the classic film for all its glory for internetclub91!

X-Men Animated Series Review, Pt 1

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Fantastic Four 2 Review

Fantastic Four Review

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Which slut is dumber? Why does Debbie suck so much? What movie is worse then the Fantastic Four? Join Willie as he searches for the answers to these questions in his review of the greatest comic book movie abortion of 2005, The Fantastic Four!

Batman And Robin Review

What happens when you mix Crystal Pepsi and New Coke? You get Batman and Robin, one of the worst commercial concoctions ever brewed. Zip up your molded leather codpiece and throw on your Bat Skates as Willie guides you through the mad horribleness that is Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin.

Batman Forever Review

Riddle me this, Bat Fans: which Batman movie has the worst title ever??BATMAN FOREVER! Indulge your inner 11-year-old, and take a trip back to this gimmicky, neon, atrocity of a movie. It’ll be playing on the Internet Forever.

Batman Returns Review

The Bat. The Cat. The Penguin. There were high hopes for Tim Burton’s wonderfully strange followup to the classic 1989 Batman film. But is the visual appeal of this film strong enough to support a shaky story and misdrawn characterizations?? Don’t decide for yourself- let Superhero Club Review tell you what to think!

Batman (1989) Review

Order, order- this meeting of the Superhero Club Review is now in session! Join Willie as he takes you through the world of Tim Burton’s Prince-tastic Batman movie, in the first installment of our new webseries.