Are You Afraid Of The Dark Review

Are YOU afraid of the dark??? Admit it- the clown episode, the doll house episode, the vampire episode, the pool episode- even the intro/theme song was scary! Look out- because the Midnight Society is back, as I break down season 1 through season 7 of this classic 90s Nickelodeon show!

Doug Review

Porkchop, Skeeter, Patti, Quailman, The Honkerburger, The Beets… If you grew up in the early 90s, you couldn’t get enough of Doug. Join The Nickelodeon Kid as he goes back and reviews this wonderful and original Nicktoon!

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Review

Was there ever a Kids TV show more magical, more subversive, and more fun than “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”? You wish, you blowhole! Just find a seat on the big orange couch- it’s time for The Nickelodeon Kid!