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Here at Internetclub ’91, we’re dedicated to producing the best in original webTV, reviews, sketches, and general happiness- for free! But free things don’t come cheap- it’s a paradox! So what we’re getting at is: if you like us, and want us to continue giving you even better content at a more prolific pace, then please donate! Our goal is to do this full time, as it’s what we love to do. However, we have bills to pay, hence day jobs that suck precious time away from working on The Club. So… help us out! Honestly, any amount helps and it’s extremely appreciated.



P.S. There’s more ways to help besides donating money. If you like us and you can’t afford or don’t want to donate- that’s cool. In fact, just spreading the word on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter is just as valuable. Writing to your congressman helps too.