Internetclub Runs on Prodigy

Filed under: Blog — Tags: , , — Ken @ 12:33 pm May 6, 2010


Yeah, it’s pretty difficult uploading our videos- takes like 2 months- but the interactive services that Prodigy provides just can’t be beat! Heck- just this morning, I fired up my Apple PowerBook 100 (a supercomputer deserving of its own write up! (ideas, ideas, ideas! :-P )), dialed the out-of-area number to connect to my network provider (only $.99 per minute), waited 45 minutes (I enjoy the sounds the modem makes!), and just like that- I’m “online!”

Look out, world wide web- I’m a 28K speed demon! Hahahaha!

Oh boy, what am I going to do today? The options are endless!

Ok, Prodigy homepage, let’s get busy!




I love reading newspapers on a screen in a dank, moisty room in my basement, instead of on a park bench on a beautiful day in May!