Super Soaker: The Ultimate Collection

Filed under: Blog — Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , — Ken @ 5:00 pm June 17, 2010

supersoakers2004gIf you grew up in the 90s (and didn’t stay inside all summer long), you probably had a Super Soaker. If you were like every other kid, it was the Super Soaker 50. If you were lucky, your parents got you the Super Soaker 100. Or, if you’re this kid, it was every single Super Soaker gun ever made. EVER.

The above picture is both extremly dorky and pretty cool at the same time. I’d love to see this collection in person- that’s 275 Super Soakers laid out there! Can you imagine the massive watergun war you could have with that many guns? There’s enough weaponry there to stage a real Waterloo.

Personally, I always thought the one with the backpack tank and hose (sort of like the Ghostbusters slime gun) was the coolest Super Soaker of all. (more…)