Observations of Kick-Ass, the R Rated Movie

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kickass3_gallery_primaryOh, hello, I’m Willie Simpson, and I’ve made a few observations about things in the world related to the movie Kick Ass.

#1.  This movie is rated R!

#2.  I thought the movie was good, but some people I know think its great!  What??

#3.  Teenagers are smart, they have I-Phone’s in cars!

#4.  Teenagers aren’t embarrassed about masturbating like they used to be in the 90s and the 80s!

#5.  I was on the subway, and there was a field trip of little 10 year old kids on the train, and the teacher told them not to read the Kick-Ass movie posters!

#5a.  I saw some kids sneak a peek and they giggled when they read it, but some kids kept their eyes covered!

#6.   Spoiler alert!  The girl in the movie had a scene when she killed a bunch of guys, but it looked like a FPS video game when she was doing it!

#7.   The movie takes place in NYC, but it doesn’t look like NYC, I live in NYC, I know what it looks like, then I read it was filmed in Toronto!

#8.  If they make a prequel, they should call it Kick-Butt, because Butt is less then Ass, chronologically!