Horrible Alternate Ending to “Titanic”

Filed under: Blog,Willie Simpson — Tags: , , , , , , , , — Willie Simpson @ 8:51 am July 20, 2010

titanic2Check this video out, it’s an actual filmed alternate ending to the 1997 epic James Cameron smash hit, “Titanic”!  The clip is a bit long, so I recommend skipping to about 3 minutes in to see how the movie could have ended.  Needless to say it is horrible.  In the original unaltered ending, we just see Rose throw her billion dollar diamond over the boat without anyone knowing.  In this version, the entire crew of the Titanic Recovery boat she’s on confronts her before she does it.  Rose gives one last speech about embracing life, but unlike before when her words were inspiring, here they just sound cackling and crazy.  Then she lets Bill Paxton touch the diamond for another crazy reason, and proceeds to drive the fat guy with the beard insane by throwing it over.  It is interesting to note that the fat guy shouts something like, “hey what’ll my wife think about this??”  And its like wow, you’re married?  Then it all ends with Bill Paxton trying to hook up with Rose’s granddaughter.  I guess he was inspired by Rose story where the message was sex trumps money…Anyway, the point is, if Cameron ended the movie with this cacophonous resolution, the movie would have ending up being a million times worse.  I mean, there is no way that this ending was intended as a joke, but it is so comically bad.  Give it a whirl folks and let me know what you think.