TGIF Reviews: Full House

full_house_bridgeIt was the bedrock of all things TGIF. The anchor. The laugh-maker.

From 1989-1991, “Full House” WAS Friday nights. Seriously. Was there a half hour more important to you as a kid than the  half hour spent watching a new episode of “Full House” on TGIF?

Although it was considerably corny (and you knew it, too), the irresistible appeal of Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, little Michelle, the unforgettable theme song, the iconic street of Victorian houses, and the beautiful San Francisco setting was just too great to ignore.


Danny Tanner- The cleaning obsessed (OCD?) father of the house. His wife was killed by a drunk driver, leaving him with a perfect premise for a sitcom.

Uncle Jesse- The brother-in-law sex god. He brings his high maintenance hair to the Tanner house where he learns the joys of babysitting little girls while trying to have band rehearsals.

Uncle Joey- Danny’s childhood friend and a comedian, Joey is known for his endlessly abrasive cartoon impressions. He also has a ventriliquist dummy named Mr. Woodchuck.

D.J. Tanner- The oldest daughter of three, D.J. is a typical adolescent. She experiences various problems with dating, driver’s ed, and being Kirk Cameron’s real life sister.

Stephanie Tanner- The middle sister of the three, Stephanie suffers from “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Syndrome”, always having to share a room with one sister or another.

Michelle Tanner- The youngest of the Tanner girls, Michelle was the criminally adorable, de facto star of the show. (And the Olsen twins never, ever looked back…)

Becky Donaldson- Danny’s co-host and Jesse’s eventual wife, she was known for her obscure mid-western remarks. Why again does she agree to live in the attic with Jesse??

Kimmy Gibler- The stereotypical, wacky neighbor next door, she was universally disliked by the Tanners, except for D.J., who was her best friend.

Steve- In later seasons, D.J.’s food-machine, jock boyfriend. Did you know that Steve was the voice of Aladdin?

Nicky and Alex- Jesse and Becky’s long-haired twin sons, they were brought on the show to up the cuteness level to a 20. Did they succeed? You be the judge.

Comet- A talking dog. (What, you didn’t see that episode?)