Awesome X-Men Intros!

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In my latest review of the X-Men: The Animated Series, I talk about how iconic the theme music is, and how they should have used it for the movies.  Well, people on the internet had the same idea, so here is a cool clip of footage edited from all X Movies set to the iconic X-Men theme.  Also, as a bonus, I’ve included a clip from the introduction for the Japanese version of X-Men.  Apparently, the animation style in the American X-Men intro wasn’t good enough for more discriminating Japanese cartoon tastes, so the producers made an amazing Anime style one to draw in  viewers across the Pacific.  Enjoy.

X-Men Animated Series Review, Pt 1

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Hotel Mario: The YouTube Phenomenon

Hotel Mario was an interactive puzzle game developed for the CD-i console in 1994. An otherwise forgettable title, it included corny, animated cut scenes, one of which (the intro) has spawned a strange trend of remakes among the YouTube community.

Check out the original, then the acid trip madness of the spin-offs.