Are You Afraid Of The Dark Review

Are YOU afraid of the dark??? Admit it- the clown episode, the doll house episode, the vampire episode, the pool episode- even the intro/theme song was scary! Look out- because the Midnight Society is back, as I break down season 1 through season 7 of this classic 90s Nickelodeon show!

Pete & Pete: The Wrigley 500

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Mr. Rogers Plays Donkey Kong

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In this odd clip from an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Mr. Rogers visits a little boy in an arcade and gets the low-down on Donkey Kong.

90s Horace Grant Mix

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Though never a bandwagon Bulls fan like everyone else in the 90s, there was a definite aura that surrounded the best team in basketball. Everyone wanted to ”Be Like Mike”, but I said they should “toggle the goggles”- Horace Grant’s goggles.

Check out some classic plays by “Goggles” below. 


Doug Review

Porkchop, Skeeter, Patti, Quailman, The Honkerburger, The Beets… If you grew up in the early 90s, you couldn’t get enough of Doug. Join The Nickelodeon Kid as he goes back and reviews this wonderful and original Nicktoon!

Nintendo Soccer

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Everybody’s catching World Cup fever, but what do you do when you can’t play soccer?? Play Nintendo soccer! There’s a simplistic beauty in these 8-bit images. Just look at that neon green grass, the teams of soccer player clones, and the pixelated ball with five black dots. If you have an NES, I recommend snatching Nintendo Soccer on eBay for $5. Go France!





The Adventures of Pete & Pete Review

Was there ever a Kids TV show more magical, more subversive, and more fun than “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”? You wish, you blowhole! Just find a seat on the big orange couch- it’s time for The Nickelodeon Kid!

Classic Nickelodeon Commercials

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3139114848_75120cd426_oIt’s easy to forgot how amazing Nickelodeon actually was until you rediscover the details that colored it in. Do you remember these 15 second bumpers? I probably saw these- oh, I don’t know- at least once during EVERY commercial break throughout the history of me watching Nickelodeon.

As I watched these again, I thought, it’s amazing how strongly these things were encoded into my kid-memory bank. I wonder how many times my little Ken brain actually absorbed these things. 150 times each? Easily. 300 might also be a good guesstimate. 500 perhaps?  Who knows. But even though 15+ years have passed, I can still remember each of these with the clairvoyance of a psychic. Watch, and see how well you can remember them.


This one has a cool, simple direction. As the camera pans across a school hallway filled with kids, we slowly see the Nick logo painted on a wall of lockers. But wait- here comes one last, little pip-squeak to slam his locker shut, and the logo lights up brilliant Nick orange. Sweet. Nickelodeon did an exceptional job of branding in those days.



The intensity. The grace. The drama. When you saw this bumper, you wondered what the hell you were watching. But then she sticks the landing and leaves a magical orange footprint on the mat. Now it makes sense- Nickelodeon rules.


Get ready to get funky fresh with this one. I know I did the 400 times I saw it growing up. I almost signed up for a dance class one time, but my Dad stopped me. Check the comments section on the YouTube page- the composer of the song actually left a message!