South Park: Spring Season Review

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SouthPark1403Now that we’ve reached the halfway point of the South Park season, it would be a good time to take stock on how 2010 has fared so far. It’s no surprise that the show has been a mixed bag of results this season (much as the last few seasons). But this is season14, and it’s REALLY getting up there in age. Results aside, my overriding feeling about the show is this: disconnection. I feel an increasing disconnection from what South Park has become. Too often, the episodes are misguided, the plots are uneven, and the jokes are unintelligent, rehashed, or just bad. For a show that’s succeeded far beyond Trey’s, Matt’s, and Comedy Central’s wildest dreams, I fear South Park is entering an era of irrelevance.

14-1: Sexual Healing

I’ve learned you can just about throw away a South Park season premeire, as they have been consistently shitty for many years now. These are the episodes where Trey and Matt try to spin the off-season’s biggest news story into an often preachy, obvious, and unentertaining episode. Trey and Matt certainly suffer from the time off between seasons, and the results are overwrought and boring. Here they take on the Tiger Woods story, trying to correlate it to a video game in the process. I couldn’t even watch this one to the end. D-

14-2: The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

For some misguided reason, Trey and Matt decided to go after J.D. Salinger in this episode, and the result is disgustingly painful. There’s about 10 seconds of redeemable content- the montage where the boys write the book as a satirical, sunshine-and-smiles acoustic song plays. Ok, the language in the book could have been funny. The vomitting IS NOT. It’s actually so unfunny, it’s shaken my belief in this show. Honestly, It’s not even worth writing about, it’s such a bad episode. On a side note, I hate what they’ve done with Butters- he has too much attitude. F