500 Days of Spider-Man!

s-ANDREW-GARFIELD-SPIDER-MAN-largeSo, the verdict is in, and the new Spider-Man is not a cool black guy, its a poncy, English-raised American named Andrew Garfield. He was in that post-life Heath Ledger movie,  ”The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. The director meanwhile is Marc Webb, director of the legendary chick flick, “500 Days of Summer”. And even more amazing, or bizarre, is that the new film will be shot in 3D! To me, this a whole clusterfuck of strange news. I understand they had to re-boot Spider-Man because director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire left due to scheduling conflicts, and that Spider-Man 3 was a massive creative abortion, but I’m not yet sold on this creative team at all. Can a romantic, weepy indie director like Webb pull off a 3D action nerd extravaganza? Like I detailed in my Donald Glover post, I wanted the producers to take a more bold 21st century type leap with the franchise…instead we are getting a potential Twilight-esque action flick aimed at scooping up teenage girls along the way. As more news comes out on the development of this movie, I’ll be posting my thoughts and opinions.  Stay tuned Spidey fans.