90s Sports Toys

90s sports toysNeon colors. Cute cartoon animals. Velcro. The 90s were a great decade because they made just about everything better.

I’m not the CEO of a toy company (at least not yet), but if I had to take a wild guess, I would think they are constantly wondering about one thing- how to make more money.

Sports toys- footballs, baseballs and bikes. These are products that have been around since the 50s. Simple games. Kid throws ball. Kid catches ball. Everyone’s happy, right?

WRONG! Not in America! Not in the 90s!

Here’s a list of my favorite, most radical sports toys from the decade I grew up in.


Remember the days of ugly basketball hoops mounted above the stupid garage door or on poles cemented into the retarded ground? Yeah, me neither- MY basketball hoop was PORTABLE. Today, portable basketball hoops are everywhere, but before the 90s, you could only play 1 on 1 in driveways and parks. Now white kids everywhere are rollin’ that hoop out to the street, and lowering the rim for some sweet dunk action.


Wow, I can’t believe there was a time when kids didn’t have mountain bikes. I mean- there’s a lot of rough terrain out there on the wild, paved roads of suburbia. This toy was a neccessity for me when I had to get from my house to 7-11 and I didn’t want a ride from Dad because that’s lame. One time I took my mountain bike on a dirt path, and it went faster because it was neon green.


Mini golf was nice, but what could be greater than playing golf with a gator?? When I saw this commercial for the first time, I immediately begged my parents to take me to Toys R Us. I wish I could’ve met that big Gator and played on the life size Gator Golf course in the commerical. (more…)