iPod Ad From 1977?

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What would you do if you could go back in time? Would you scare everyone with dark premonitions of the future, like an all-powerful space shaman? Or would you do something financially profitable, like selling iPods and cellphones to a culture where they didn’t exist yet, effectively making trillions of euro-dollars?

Well, you’re free to try out option A, but option B would be the cooler of the two. Especially since a Bay-area designer recently made 70s advertisements that retrofit modern technology with the past.



Super Nintendo Emulator for the iPad

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Are you ready for something fantastic? All right- well apparantly, there’s a way to play Super Nintendo on the iPad while using an iPhone as the controller! Thanks to a new emulator called SNES (HD), you can configure your iPhone to fucntion as the SNES controller, while the iPad displays the game. Of course, it requires you to jailbreak both devices, but it’s worth it when you consider how $1,000 in Apple products allows you to play a 20 year old game console that you could just buy on eBay for $65…

Not that this doesn’t look totally rad or anything…

World’s Greatest Laptop!

Check out this righteous piece of hardware!  I think its a Commodore 64 Million.  The I-Pad’s got nothing on this sucker.

iPad Is the New Messagepad

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Ironically enough, with its’ new iPad commerical, Apple appears to be referencing its own prehistoric ancestor, the Newton Messagepad.


That’s pretty shameless on Apple’s part, but don’t you wish you had a Messagepad? It would make for great party tricks- like demonstrating how you can fax a document from your Messagepad to a fax machine (which you also brought to the party)(and set up in the bedroom without asking).